Robert (@rob_of_gr)

Feb 2019

Hello👋 I want to start by apologizing for being rude and disappearing without saying a word. Truth is, when I post pictures on here and write poems that some of you find deep meaning and appreciate, I feel empty inside. I don't have a feeling of hope or love and it can be exhausting and frustrating. I have forgotten the one thing that I need before I can help others. . . and that's to love myself. With that being said, I am taking 2019 off from social media to rediscover myself and will return sometime in 2020. Since being on Instagram, I have had the honor to interact with some amazing people and made some great friends. In the time I'm gone, I'm going to miss all of you who have taken the time to reach out to me and appreciate my work. Your likes and comments are what makes this fun. You guys are all so awesome and I always wish nothing but the best for you guys and gals. I'll leave you with one last poem in the comments that I hope you enjoy. Make 2019 your own!! Conquer your fears and discover something new about yourself. . .that's where I'll be. . .❤