Joel Sartore- Photo Ark (@joelsartore)

May 2019

Gopher tortoises like this one @zooatl got their name because of their ability to dig large, deep burrows similar to gopher holes. These burrows aren’t just important shelter for the tortoises –they're often taken over by other species living in the same area, making gopher tortoises a key player in ensuring the survival of many other animals native to the southern U.S.. Unfortunately, collisions with vehicles are a major threat to these tortoises, as many individuals have to cross roadways in order to forage, find mates, or build a new home. If you live in a state that the gopher tortoise calls home check out the link in my bio to learn best practices and how you can report a sighting. #tortoise #gophertortoise #brakeforwildlife #vulnerablespecies #photoark #savetogether