Oakley + Welles + Family (@nothingdownaboutit)

July 2019

Progress is a funny thing. Sometimes we go months on months without seeing much change or progress in Welles’ development… right now he is making some big strides and it’s amazing to witness him entering a different bracket of childhood! Did you happen to see him requesting yogurt on my stories the other day? 🙌🏼 To many of you, this may seem small or trivial… but to a mother of a nearly six-year-old who works so hard while taking his sweet time for these milestones, it makes me tear up as I type the words. What a beautiful thing it is to celebrate in life’s simplicity! Welles is recently saying two and three word phrases regularly, his annunciation is drastically improving, he is learning how to use a balance bike, he is understanding (I didn’t say listening ) when we tell him “no”… he is more clear with what he wants and needs, often throwing fits when he doesn’t get those wants/needs or not everyone understands him. (You may be halted by this fit throwing thing and wonder why I placed it as something be celebrated... but to us on the sidelines watching this new determination is truly a cognitive milestone, indeed! ) PROGRESS! Welles has been my baby-like boy for so long... but now he’s pushing himself into the “little boy” life quickly and with so much excitement. Thank you son for teaching us to find joy in the slow-moving days and to appreciate the quickness in which you jump to new realms of childhood. Living this with you is a journey I’m so grateful for. #nothingdownaboutit #bidkidstuff


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