Miles Morgan (@milesmorganphotography)

Jul 2019

** ULTIMATE LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE ** — For almost 2 years, @ianplantphoto has been working with @zacmillsphotography to create an entirely new photography platform. @shuttermonkeys has been birthed from the loins of that labor (let that visual sink in for a moment... ) and with it, Ian created the Ultimate Landscape Photography Course - a video series that guides you every step of the way to creating masterful and memorable images. Included in the course is his excellent eBook on advanced composition. In a word, the course is magnificent. It’s been my privilege to know @ianplantphoto since I first started shooting. When I consider my top 3 favorite photographers, Ian has been on that list for a decade now. His compositions consistently make me shake my head and wonder... “HOW??” He’s in an increasingly elite club of photographers who don’t add skies, use composites, or rely on photoshop to create light. When you see his images, you will realize how special his work is given that fact. I have only met Zac online (no, not on Tinder... ), but his work and work ethic are utterly brilliant. Now I’m not one to sell out and promote someone’s project just because. I won’t leverage my 12 followers for just anybody. (Who am I kidding... I would drink a gallon of lead to prove “it’s safe” in exchange for three #2 pencils, but don’t tell Ian that ). I watched the course and was so blown away by the professionalism and general informativeness of it that I asked the guys if I could be involved in some way. They’ve granted me a 50% Off link to the course, which you can click on in my bio. You’re basically getting an entire workshop of instruction for the price of a shirt and you don’t have to go outside and potentially get malaria. Win/win 🤷🏻‍♂️ ________________________________________________________ #shuttermonkeys #deathvalley IG #global_hotshotz #worldprime #jaw_dropping_shots #ig_world_colors #igrefined #igbest_shotz #globeshotz #ig_color #NikonNoFilter #ig_bliss #amazing_shots #awesomeearth #master_shots #bns_earth #awesome_earthpix #earthoutdoors #artofvisuals #myrrs #hubs_united #earth_shotz #earth_reflect #bestnatureshot #splendid_earth #thirty9co