B E N J A M I N (@benjaminhardman)

Aug 2019

A moment from the spring season. After coming across this beautiful bear playing around on the sea ice, I ended up in such a trance while focused on creating images that I forgot my golden rule - always take some time to put the camera down and process the moment with your own eyes. Thinking back on it, it feels like I wasn’t really ‘present’ in the memory, almost like trying to remember a dream. Out of all of my experiences in Iceland and the Arctic over the years, it’s always those times when you’re locked in with your eyes, aware of your surroundings and being totally immersed in the moment that have the most meaningful memories attached. Really excited to be back in Svalbard this week. The plan is to head to the north of the archipelago. There shall hopefully be lots of these moments! Back online in a week, cheers ✌🏼