shurupchik family travel (@shurupchik)

Aug 2019

🇸🇪 Stockholm is... * great for traveling with children! On our first day with @tallinksilja_germany we flew in to Stockholm and spent the whole day in the city before boarding our ship in the evening. * Stockholm is perfect for families! Seriously! Kids are everywhere! * We stayed in the Northern part of the city which is more residential and less touristy (thank you @miss_okapi for your tips ). * What you see a lot are men with kids! Swedish dads take very active role is bringing up kids which you will notice immediately after having a walk through Stockholm. Pushing strollers, jumping on playgrounds, in cafes, name it! * You can take strollers everywhere. Most of the places have baby chairs and changing facilities. * Pavements are all stroller-friendly * And buses are for free if you are traveling with a stroller (buses only ). * Stockholm, you get a star from us as a family friendly city❤️ #werbung #sponsored #tallinksilja #tallinksilja_germany #minicruise #itsmyminicruise