lgbt_history (@lgbt_history)

Aug 2019

“We have always been here. Black queer, transgender, and gender nonconforming people loved and fucked on some racist master’s plantation. We wrote theories debunking white racial supremacist ideology. We, too, were architects of Black liberation, women’s justice, antiwar movements, and the Black arts. We are the unnamed black sisters, brothers, and nonbinary people who lived queer theory before it was poplar among those in white academe. . . . We are the alive. The dead. Lovers. Fighters. Movement builders. Cultural producers. We are the everyday, ordinary magicians who learn to create life amid death-dealing cultures of hatred and lies.” - @mooredarnell . Picture: "I AM A BLACK, GAY MAN . . . I AM A BLACK MAN . . . I AM A MAN," Derek Charles Livingston, Million Man March, Washington, D.C., October 16, 1995. Photo by Roderick Terry ( @rodterryofficial ), c/o @nmaahc . #HavePrideInHistory #Charlottesville #BlackLivesMatter