Architectural Digest (@archdigest)

Aug 2019

Inside @jacquesgarciaofficiel ’s 17th-century Sicilian monastery, exaggeration and elaboration are the rule rather than the exception. (“I am a romantic futuristic, not a nostalgic,” the #AD100 interior designer says; for him, the past is not just inspiring but forever alive. ) Rooms are frosted with faux marbling and lavished with chairs, tables, and porcelains made for 19th-century royals, among them Napoleon’s brother-in-law Joachim Murat, briefly king of the Two Sicilies, that are used without trepidation by Garcia and his guests. Scalloped silk canopies pour down like waterfalls from high bedroom ceilings. Garcia’s Sicily interiors also bear witness to the architect’s explorations across the island: gilded boiseries from a palazzo in Catania, about an hour’s drive north of Noto, line the dining room. In a sitting room, a Braquenié painted and embroidered silk custom-made by @lamaisonpierrefrey enlivens the space. To see more of the home, visit the link in our profile. Photo by @obertogili ; text by @adaesthete