Travis Burke (@travisburkephotography)

Aug 2019

These mountains formed over hundreds of millions of years as two tectonic plates collided and pushed the earth upward. Glaciers then continued to shape the rugged peaks and deep valleys. This process has created some of the most iconic landscapes in North America, like Jasper National Park, pictured here. I also recently learned that Northern Canada is one of the few places on earth where something else extremely rare has formed. In the earth's mantle, deep beneath the surface, over billions of years and under an immense amount of pressure, the hardest natural material known to man is created—diamonds! Over time, these precious gems have been brought to the surface in magma from volcanic eruptions, forming Kimberlite pipes where diamonds are found. Today, these diamonds are mined in sustainable ways that you might not expect: mining companies use efficient methods that recycle water, protect 3x the land used for mining, and pay workers on average 5x the living wage in their countries. Now more than ever it’s important to understand where our resources come from and how we can help protect these places for future generations to come. @realisadiamond #RealisRare #Sponsored #TotalClarity #Canada