David Gay (@davidgayphotography)

Aug 2019

The Colorado Alps... sometimes, a little exploring pays of with big views!! The southwest part of Colorado offers some of the states best and most epic scenery. I wasn't sure if this shot was possible like I envisioned it on google earth... trying to get to a vantage point that revealed this view in full with the river streaming down the middle, but after some exploring and some scrambling... it all opened up just like I had hoped. Colorado is notorious for having beautifully clear blue skies... but I was really hoping for an epic sunset here. Luckily for me, it had just stormed and hailed like crazy and the skies were starting to open back up. It seemed like the perfect time with sunset only a couple hours away. Sadly, in good ol Colorado fashion, all the clouds dissapeared by sunset and the colors never materialized. However, golden hour was still beautiful.