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Aug 2019

Reposted from @rooclimbslack - When I got a call for rescue for Sangli flood I was so excited to go and help people. But this time we were going to rescue animals, because all humans were already moved to the safe place by NDRF and local people but nobody were looking after animals. When we reached there, suddenly I strated feeling vulnerable. Starting rescue operation was the real challenge. We were standing on a brink, I could only see a river that had became an ocean. Somehow we crossed it and entered in a village that has became a land of filth. While walking on road in the village I was watching hundreds of dead animals. It was so wretched and made me numb... We moved ahead and started serching animals who were somehow survived. Then our team of veterinary doctors stated treatment on those animals one by one. We covered few villages and saved many life. Now flood water level has came down, other people got the access to every corner. Local veterinary doctors stated their work so we came back. Team @shivdurga_mitra_lonavala and @resqct worked so dedicately and without any expectations. Proud to be a part of this team. #maharashtra #mumbai #pune #amazing #click #instagram #instalike #picoftheday #trek #trekking #sangli #satara #kolhapurflood #kolhapur #maharashtra_desha #insta_maharashtra #gadkille #huntforspot #durg_naad #indian_trekkers #maharashtra_forts _______________________________________________________ Use #maharashtra_desha for features Follow @maharashtra_desha