Grace Chon (@thegracechon)

Aug 2019

This little guy was much smaller 2 years ago, and green. I’m an airplant murderer and was shocked I could keep him alive, let alone manage to nurture him enough to change colors and allow the fullness of his weird, unique and beautiful self blossom into this awesomeness!! I think his journey is similar to that of creativity and self discovery - I know you’re smart and can figure out the metaphor yourself 🤪 (And don’t forget - it took 2 YEARS for this plant to do this!! ) All this to say, HELLO to all of you that are here because of #creativityschoolpodcast !!!! What do you make? What do you WANT to make? What beautiful awesome stuff are you putting out into the world? And how are you today? ✨❤️✨ #ownyourweird #becreative