Bert Weiss (@bertshowbert)

Aug 2019

THIS IS A MIRACLE @bertsbigadv Alyssa Leonard is awake and this in another Alyssa miracle. This is the SIXTH time Alyssa has left us and come back. The family was on their way back from a vacation when Alyssa starting having seizures. Soon after, she coded. Meaning, we weren't very far off from losing her. She went on our trip in 2007 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She's 20 now. When I saw her earlier in the week her kidneys had failed and her vitals were AWFUL. It didn't look good, at all. Doctors weren't optimistic and even her mother was taking a very pragmatic approach this time. But with every diagnoses one sentence kept coming up, "But you never know. I mean, we're talking about Alyssa." I really try and accept God's decisions unconditionally. I've been taught he has a plan that none of us can understand and I try and respect that. But I can not tell you the amount of relief and joy I felt when I walked into that hospital room and saw her eyes open. Doctors don't know what God knows.