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Sep 2019

by @patorn .sangruchi Graduate Thesis, Southern California Institute of Architecture @sciarc #next_top_architects in #NEXTarch We Trust Project name: AIRSPACE Description: In 1960s, the Pan-Am building was commissioned to be built in the airspace above the tracks of the New York railroads. It became a new concept of how building would interact with airspace. Today, the Grand Central Station has been rezoned to allow for new developments in the volume directly above it.The opportunity exists now for architecture which would reflect the new idea of airspace as Grand Central Station and Pan-Am Building did on its technologies back in the days. The next phase of transportation technology currently involves aircrafts that are being integrated into our daily lives to provide services such as transportation, parcel delivery, and emergency medical response, all within an active city fabric. AIRSPACE proposes an addition to the Midtowne transportation hub which would create a new typology whereby interactions between architecture and airspace are reconceptualized to make way for these developments. The project will also consider how buildings could act as a platform for man-machine interface and how the tower typology will be transformed by the vertical multiplication of the ground plane. [] @next_top_architects_store