Dog Breath Photography (@dogbreathphotography)

Sep 2019

We had just arrived home from our epic trip out to Lake Tahoe and had just picked Junie and Joshie up from their respective pup-sitters. I was trying to unpack my suitcase and get settled back in, when I peered out the window and saw the most incredible light starting to develop in the pre-sunset skies. Warm, orange-golden hues were striping themselves across the horizon like giant swaths of gooey paint, and I squealed with delight as I ran upstairs to see if, by any stroke of luck, any of my camera gear had even a semblance of charge left in their batteries after our epic adventures out west. Luckily, my camera and lights had a little squeak of power in them, and on that note, I bribed Sam into helping me and we ran outside with our sweet little wrinkle-faced Junie to capture those fleeting moments of swirling light. I popped her into the flowers for some incredible glowing sunset shots and she thought it was the best idea ever, as copious amounts of treats and turkey flew their way into her open mouth. Junie took her job of being a model very seriously, and concentrated hard on knocking it out of the park, as evidenced by her intense unshakeable expression on a little velveteen gremlin face that only a mother could love. 🤣 #pitbull #pittienation #pitbullsofinsta #pitbullsofficial #kayleegreer #dogbreath #dogbreathphoto #dogbreathphotography #sunset #pitbullflowers #adopt #rescuedogsrock #tripawd #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #flowerdog