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5 days ago

SHAWN'S POV She was beautiful, her hair draped over shoulders in slight waves. the silk from her velvet light blue dress folwed her curves perfectly, exposed her shoulders. it Stoped just above her knee, she was at least 5 inches taller with her black leather heels. But the most important I noticed was the necklace hanging on her neck with a little heart as charm. I once fixed the cord of it over the neck to celebrate our one year of being together. Now another boy stood behind her kissed her shoulder, she turned around smiled at him and kissed his cheek. I looked back to brian who slapped my shoulder for comfort. "Hey, dude let her go it will be fine". "It just hurts brian". "Just forget her tonight" "She is standing right there more beautiful than ever I can't just ignore her". Brian looked around the hall. "There," he pointed at a beautiful girl. "Go talk to her". "She is beautiful I agree but, she isn't y/n". "Come on y/n has a boyfriend now shawn... I'm sorry dude but I'm not gonna lie she isn't going back to you". "I know but...". "No Shawn... Go talk to that girl". Brian pushed me to the other girl, she stopped talking to her friends when I walked up. Her friends looked at me with jaw's dropped open while her face turned rosy. Before I knew her friends disappeared. And I was lone with her, I took her hand and shook it. "I'm shawn". "My name is Pressa". "Never heard that name". "Get used to it". "Pressa...". She laughed at me smooth back one of my curls to realize she can't smooth back my hair. She touched my arm, then smiled. "Wanna dance?". "I can't dance trust me". "I don't mind". "Okay". "Yes?!". "Yes". She pulled me towards the dance floor, placed her arms around my neck and pressed her face in my shoulder. I hesitated before wrapping my arms around her waist. I closed my eyes and Y/n appeared her arms where wrapped around my neck her face pressed against my shoulder. Her hands traveled to my curls, tugging on them slightly, mentioning me down to her lips. The rational part of my brain knows that its pressa. That Y/n isn't in my arms right now She is with him happy as ever and safe... I wanted that right? Now I was fully aware that pressa was